Who We Are

ProjectART UBU is about providing connections & opportunities for any & all creators be they artists, musicians, sculptors, graphic designers or just those of us that deeply appreciate the world such creators offer us.

Our Goal

ProjectART UBU aims to become the hub of authenticity and authenticity seekers through promoting, marketing, mentoring, and investing in our Authentically Exceptional Individuals. (AEIs)

How You Can Help

Looking to be a part of ProjectART UBU and make history with us? There are so many different ways you can support us and our AEIs including donating time, space, supplies, funding and more!

Featured AEI

The art that I create is similar in style to alchemical illustrations, but they are not necessarily where I discovered this specific style. My work started off as geometric patterns and shapes. As my skill, confidence, and self-transformation progressed, my art started to evolve. Many subject matters are references to several phenomena, as well as other ideas that I rarely explain.

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To The Future Of Creation

ProjectART UBU is all about generating a platform on which creatives or AEI (Authentically Exceptional Individuals), businesses, patrons, clients, investors and more can connect via a multitude of diverse avenues. We want to open doors and give opportunities to those who may otherwise be overlooked or lost in the sea that is our world today – showing them that they have a say in their future … and so can you! Donate today and support this growing movement through specified donations for an individual artist or creative, or donate directly to ProjectART UBU!​

A Word From Our Collaborators

"Those who are authentic long for an opportunity to exist, be nurtured and accepted. ProjectART UBU gives people the chance to rise above and thrive!"
Linda Levitt ProjectART UBU 2
Linda Levitt
Heartist and Master Connector
"All of us have an opportunity to direct the course of a tremendously important social movement about the authentic self and what the benefits are from having the opportunity to be who we really are. These blessings are infinite."
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Anastasia Surrena
Founder and Activist
"Helping creative people is a truth that runs very deep for me. That’s what I like to do - and I truly believe ProjectART UBU is the best way to do exactly that."
Ron of ProjectART 1
Ron Cetrone
Life Coach & Angel Investor

We Are Better Together!

Do something revolutionary, invest in a bright future.

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