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Known for his unusual attention to detail and superb shading techniques, Dan creates visually stunning art using different medias while studying primarily in ink and graphite. Mr. Kraus has a passion for surrealism, abstract art and the macabre which is prominent in most of his work and draws inspiration from S. Dali, M.C. Escher and Virgil Finlay.


Dan tells us that he had a interest in the arts all of his life and enjoys being a active member of the art community. Over the last year and a half Dan has also been studying in silverpoint or metal point drawing and is among a relatively small group of artists that thrive to keep this ancient style of work alive.

One of Dan’s favorite quotes is from an India based artist named Sandeep Shinde: “For make art!” and he takes this to heart and soul with all of his works - pushing to make art in a way that tells stories and reflections that infiltrate the mind and renew spirit.

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“I draw what I do because amidst a dark and macabre world, I see light and beauty”

- Dan Kraus

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