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“Art is the uniting of the subjective with the objective, of nature with reason, of the unconscious with the conscious, and therefore art is the highest means of knowledge.”

– Leo Tolstoy

about us

The creative mind in today’s climate is often stifled and trapped, caged behind the idea that there are limits to what is accepted or normal – essentially what is ‘permitted’.  If you think about it, creativity is subjective in every way as means of connection that doesn’t often require direct communication and allows the individual to truly experience the mind of a creator through many different senses.
Whether artist or writer, philosopher or sculptor, or even someone who simply wants a voice in the crowd we call our world – ProjectART UBU wants to give these Authentically Exceptional Individuals a chance to be who and what they are meant for – all in order to impact our world in a new and wonderful way!
This, in and of itself, can be a problem for society as we always want to live within the comfort of conformity. That’s why we at ProjectART UBU are here – to provide a way for the creative mind or AEI (Authentically Exceptional Individual) to break into our current reality and be recognized.
ProjectART UBU is a movement with the goal of aiding our AEIs to achieve their dreams, focusing on their strengths and talents and the connection they have with our patrons, businesses and investors – in addition to establishing a direct dialogue of support for everyone involved.

our goals

Our AEIs are those who we feel hold keys to expanding our horizons, developing new ideas and breaking boundaries to reform our way of life. In an effort to build and promote this, ProjectART UBU is seeking partnerships between creatives, artists, thinkers, dreamers, and those who want to invest in them; sponsors, patrons, businesses, and anyone else who is looking to connect with those same ideas and motives, using them as a tool for change.
With so many means out there for social networking, ProjectART UBU is looking to revolutionize the world as we know it now and create areas of expression and influence for our AEIs to be able to do what makes them the authentic and true selves they are. We aim to provide opportunities and support to the “diamond in the rough” creatives who may otherwise remain undiscovered and voiceless, beyond the world’s stage.
In essence, we are pulling and weaving the threads of commonality between each combined asset as a whole.
This is all with the goal in mind of unifying people of all walks of life to the promotion of importance of self, of authenticity, of true form, and synergizing those ideals to redefine humanity and our society.

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