Partners of ProjectART UBU​​

Anastasia of ProjectART 1


Founder & Activist

“All of us have an opportunity to direct the course of a tremendously important social movement about the authentic self and what the benefits are from having the opportunity to be who we really are. These blessings are infinite.”

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Trip Morris

Co-Founder & Designer

“I feel ProjectART UBU is one of the few things that can remedy this crisis that people don’t even realize we are in. We are too distracted by politics and division. We have become too self-absorbed and we just aren’t leaving anything of any value for the next generation.”

Ron of ProjectART 1

Ron Cetrone

Angel Investor & Life Coach

“Helping creative people is a truth that runs very deep for me. That’s what I like to do – and I truly believe ProjectART UBU is the best way to do exactly that.”

Linda Levitt ProjectART UBU 2

Linda Levitt

Heartist & Master Connector

“Those who are authentic long for an opportunity to exist, be nurtured and accepted. ProjectART UBU gives people the chance to rise above and thrive!”

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Terrilynn Le Blanc

Wordsmith & Staff Writer

“If there’s a way that we can connect, can reach, can see each other in a light that we never thought possible – then why not invest in something like that? That’s ProjectART UBU for me.”

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Van Arnold Gallery

Collaborative Gallery

Van Arnold jewelry was founded in 2000 by Vlad Itskovich, a talented and experienced jeweler. Within a year, Vlad gathered a team of proficient jewelers & designers that deliver the best quality masterpieces.

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