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Artist and sculptor Himdad Saleh Saber was born on April 25th, 1986 in a small village in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Growing up with his family on their farm, Himdad began to find that art and the chance to create thrived and flowed within him. Realizing how the creative mind can move people when he was very young, Himdad started his journey through writing, simple drawing, and even using rocks near his home to express his creation.

Wishing to pursue his talents further, he decided to study art at the Institute Shahid Jafar of Fine Art in Koya in 2006 near his village. After completing 5 years of schooling, the need to create and to allow his creation to speak to others as it spoke to him grew. Translating the pain and war he had been witness to throughout his homeland and giving his experiences a voice became vital to him and Himdad began to delve deeper into painting and allowing various forms of the world around him to flow through his work.

What Is Beautiful About War?

Today, with so many of his paintings a testament to the talent this artist holds, Himdad asks “Tell me, what is beautiful in war …?” – and we would have to answer that the powerful and emotional images he’s created depicting his way of life and that of those around him would be a very apt way to say where we can find a semblance of beauty and a deep truth. By allowing the images to speak to him and to all of those who view them, we are able to fully hear the story of his struggles, of his home, his family, and his people.

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